Doc Spinoff Entertainments
Crazy Bikes & Circus Workshops for all the family  

History of Doc Spinoff

It first began in 1989 as a husband and wife team Paul and Bev Carpenter, they were builders at this time and were established as Carpenter Builders. Paul wanted to take up juggling and so attended juggling workshop classes and then taught his wife. His first performance was The Cromer Country Club, with Justo James an up and coming entertainer whom he met on the course. The 3 members formed the James Gang .Paul became Doc Spinoff and Bev Cissy Sparks . They entertained locally at fetes, performing on stilts in carnival processions.
Their circus skills consisted of juggling, Diablo’s, devil sticks, tightrope walking, stilt walking and unicycle riding. Occasionally they performed fire eating and magic skills.

In 1990 the family decided to pack their bags and go off on a world trip. They had 2 children Haidee and Kyle (known as Fred) aged 10 and 4 at that time. The whole family entertained and taught circus skills in shopping malls, schools and retirement homes, in Australia, Malaysia and America.

Back in the UK the name was changed to the Tom Tom Troupe. The children were getting more involved with performing, and teaching circus skills to other children. Fred won a talent show demonstrating some of these skills.
Bev branched out into more theatrical work,
Paul began creating various unusual, tricky and un-ridable BMX style bikes. He became known as Toms Tricky Tricycles. They became a great crowd pleaser, the young and old could get involved and try their skills, a great test of hand and eye co ordination and balance.

Paul finally became established [1992] as Doc Spinoff and his Tricky Tricycles.
Doc appeared on TV, with Helen McDermott (Anglia TV news reader) he demonstrated his juggling skills and taught Helen stilt walking. The Doc Spinoff team had caught the eye of many newspaper photographers over the years, their photos appearing in lots of papers.
After several years of hard work Doc has handed over the business to his very capable son and daughter team.

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